Saturday, August 27, 2011

Simple Fajitas

Preparing for a hurricane is hard work: buying flashlights when their all sold out days in advanced, looking for batteries when their out of stock, and settling on candles which your pretty sure you won't be able to light because you won't be able to find a match.  All exciting and EXHAUSTING!  So what better to fuel up with than fajitas or tortiallas or erm latin inspired meal made from bell peppers, carmelized onions, sweet corn, refried black beans, cheese, and SOUR CREAM!  oh! and of course the fajita it self! 

Start off by chopping up some bell peppers (about one red bell pepper, 1/2 green bell pepper) and onions (about 1/2 an onion).  be sure to cut the bell peppers in strips and 3/4 the onion into strips as well.  The remainder 1/4 should be chopped up finely so that they can cook with the beans. 

Next take can of black beans, and throw it in the blender (i told you this was super simple).

Just blend them up until their nice and smushed!
 Then throw some olive oil in a smal pot (enough to coat it) and allow to heat up over medium heat.  Add chopped onions and allow to cook for a minute, add the beans and stir.  Allow to cook on low heat for about five minutes.  Be sure to stir!  Otherwise the beans will burn.  You can also add a fig or two chopped garlic, black pepper, salt, or any other herb conbination to fit your taste.  I'm keeping it basic since we didn't have a lot of time after "hurricane prepping."

Following the beans, heat some oil in a frying pan.  (enough oil to coat the pan and over med. heat).  When oil is hot put in onion strips to cook.  . 

After they cook, but are not brown, add in green and red bell peppers

Allow them to cook turning them up for about a minute or two.  Then add in salt, pepper, garlic powder, and I add in McCormick salt free garlic and herb.  You can also add in chopped garlic instead of garlic powder and other available herbs, however due to the hurricane and panicked masses, I didn't get ample amount of time to shop for ingredients. 

After mixing in the spices, herbs, and anything else you'd like to throw in to help bring out the sweet bell pepper taste, cover and allow to cook on low heat for about 5 minutes.

Typically, I love making a corn salsa mix which is super yummy and is the extra little pizazzaz that seemed to be missing today; however due to Irene, we didn't have the necessary ingriedents so i settled for the next best thing: a can of sweet corn heated up in a pot.  (well i guess it goes with the spirit of this post: simplicity and taste!)

To put this all togethor, you can use any sort of fajita you'd like; although i would caution aganist the frozen tortiallas/fajitas and stick with the packaged soft versions found in the bread section.  Heat up the fajita...

The last ingredient, which I was almost sure I would have to do withought, yet found some-to my suprise-in the fridge: cheddar cheese.  For some odd reason, this version was white!  Yes, white.  I'm accoustomed to yellow cheddar cheese, but at least it served its purpose!  Grate cheddar cheese!

To put toethor, drop a dollop of sour cream, if you'd like, spread on some beans, thrown on some peppers, add some corn, and grated cheese. 

And there ya have it! Simple Fajitas/tortilas...Hell you can even call it a burrito if you'd like!

Just fold and enjoy!

By the way...can you figure what treat we had after?

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  1. Fajitas are a favorite of mine. Delicious! Hope you fared well with the hurricane!